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Away for a romantic weekend where he had planned a grand gesture, Mick Turner and Olivia Pershing, co-proprietors of the Willow Lake Inn in Vermont, the inn's bread and butter business being weddings, are called back to the inn with the grand gesture having to wait when they learn that Olivia's daughter, Grace Pershing, to who Olivia gave her Long Island staging business in moving to Willow Lake, has showed up unexpectedly with her musician boyfriend, Eric Stratton, to announce their engagement. What Mick concurrently learns is that their next wedding clients - Abby Russo and Rob Atwell - have come a few days earlier than expected. While Mick, who has not worked directly on the wedding part of the business leaving such to Olivia, and to his daughter Julie before Olivia, vows to take care of Abby and Rob's wedding so that Olivia can focus on Grace and Eric, Olivia instead funnels all her A-type energies on Grace, turning into Motherzilla of the bride-to-be. Things between Olivia and Grace may get even more intense when Grace tells her the other news she has about what she intends to do when Eric and his band go on tour. What Mick does not anticipate in taking over whatever needs to be done for Abby and Rob is that Abby, from modest means marrying into an extremely wealthy family she does not know well, wants to make one change after another from her relatively simple but romantic initial wedding plans in wanting to impress the Atwells, especially when Rob's rather in-your-face younger sister, Kelsey Atwell, implies that "this is the way that it should be done" especially to match Rob and Kelsey's parents' wedding which was held at the inn years ago. Trying to impress may also change Abby's life aspirations in working as an artist full-time which is what she really wants instead of going back to law school which she almost completed before she had to drop out when her mother passed. Written by Huggo

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